Landing a Job As An Agricultural Sales Professional

How did your food land in your kitchen or fridge? Many people are not aware of how agriculture is a staple industry. I work as an agricultural sales professional, and I can attest to how my job brings more than just food to my table.

We agricultural sales professionals help the industry by selling products related to crop and food production, while serving as representatives of different companies. We work with diverse individuals—from farmers, CEOs, resellers, and customers. Our work varies, depending on the need. Some of us sell farm equipment, fertilizers and seeds, and produce. Many agricultural sales professionals do not hold a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness or agriculture, but those who have it are at an advantage. The industry is looking for people who have technical knowledge, communication skills, and organization skills. Because we sell products, agriculture sales professionals also need to learn the art of persuasion.

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As for the pay, it’s not bad at all. I can pay for my daily necessities, and I also have money to spare for the rainy days. Aside from gaining meaningful work experience (which, I hope to use in the future), my work gives me access to professional certifications and other career-related advancements.

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Curious of how it’s like to be an agriculture sales professional? I’m Bennett J. Kireker, a New York-based agriculture sales pro. Learn more about my job when you follow me on Twitter.


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