VR: Helping Our Soldiers Defend The World

Virtual reality technology has indeed been a blessing to our kind. It gives off an exploration, unlike any experience we’ve ever had. Sure, there have been simulations in the past, but not quite like VR. It brings the sights and sounds of an experience to life without the potential dangers that come along with it. As the technology is continually evolving, the United States Armed Forces has found a new way of training its soldiers.

Image source: youtube.com

Think of a chaotic battlefield situation wherein bullets are zipping past you, and all around you is a dense jungle. What do you do? If you stand in place for too long, you get shot. If you turn to the wrong direction, you get shot. So, you go for the closest cover, which is a tree, but you get shot anyway. In the real world, you’d bleed out, but in VR, you can replay the scene over, and find the best course of action (which is to drop to the ground and crawl.

Image source: wareable.com

This is basically what VR does. It teaches soldiers the best courses of action in life-threatening situations in real-time, without endangering them. And as a bonus, it can be shown and practiced over and over until a soldier gets it right and is conditioned to do so in battle.

Hi. I am former New York resident Bennett J. Kireker. I find VR fascinating. Learn more about my work on Facebook.


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