Rules For Starting Your Own Farm

We all want to be prepared when the stuff hits the fan. We want to have something to cling on when it happens. Food is historically recession-proof, but you need to be the one manning the driver’s seat if you want that inherent protection. Here are some guidelines if you want to start growing your own food.

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1. Invest in soil health

Soil health is financial health. You have to understand when farming, you are dealing with a living system and that everything you do will impact that system. Take care of your soil by giving it protection, fertilizers, and natural stimulants like fish, kelp, and humates.

2. Become a price maker

All that hardship producing high-quality fruits and vegetables will be wasted if you leave them unharvested because the market falls in a heap. You need to become a price maker rather than a price taker. Selling your produce is as important as growing it.

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3. Learn to have grace under pressure.

Relax through the hard times. Farmers play a critical role in our society. If you plan to be one of them, you’ll have to live through it, because in this industry, effort doesn’t necessarily equate to reward.

Hi, I am Bennett  J.  Kireker. I am an agricultural equipment salesman. I am also a fan of the New York Jets. Feel free to follow my blogfor more updates.


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