Get The Hang Of Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an extreme sport in which pilots fly propelled only by wind and gravity. You cannot learn hang gliding independently; you must learn it under the direct supervision of a certified instructor. The following will give you an idea how hang gliders ride.

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The first step to learning hang gliding is to fly tandem with a certified instructor. The instructor will teach you the basics and give you a test to qualify you to receive a student hang gliding certificate.

Launching : Your inflation run must be smooth to get a good launch. You must maintain directional control and control of the pendulum. Your transition from running to flying must be smooth.

Gliding : This is actually easier than what it looks like. Your glider has some sort of thermal thruster to get you airborne longer. Just remember, the lower you are in altitude, the higher the bank angle you will need to thermal at, to stay in the thermals, because they are likely to be small. Better to over bank at first than to under bank.

Landing : Set the breaks as you point to your landing zone. As your height drop 1.5 meters, execute the second flare and run like your feet kiss the ground.

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Bennett J. Kireker here. Apart from being a passionate New York Jets fan, I am also a hang gliding enthusiast. For more on my interests, click here.


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