Top 5 VR Games To Play In 2017

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Virtual Reality has become realer, years following its emergence. With more consoles to choose from, VR games have taken a hold of many gamers’ attention. New games are available for HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard, and Google Daydream View. As developers learn the ins and outs of this kind of gaming, they have become more independent and free with their development.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The cooperative capabilities and potential of playing VR games are best experienced in this game. From Ubisoft and Red Storm, “Star Trek: Bridge Crew,” lets you and your friends play and work together to command a ship running into some distress. This game enables your team to explore the final frontier and fight with Klingons.


Nothing more fun than a game that lets you use your own favorite music, right? “Audioshield” has successfully combined gaming and working out as you hit glowing orbits coming at you at full speed. With different difficulty settings and having many shield to choose from, this game is an absolute win.

I Expect You to Die

This is the kind of game that would rattle your senses. An escape-the-room puzzle game, “I Expect You to Die” makes good use of Oculus Touch controllers and the whole VR medium. Available on Steam and PlayStation, you must give it a try.

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The Lab

Dubbed as “the classic VR game,” Valve’s “The Lab” has its own following. The game lets you choose from many different minigames, each being delightful and slick in design, yet extremely addictive. The one thing it boasts among the games listed here? It’s absolutely free.

Lone Echo/Echo Arena

With none other than Mark Zuckerberg boasting of its excitement for it, “Lone Echo” is a game that sees you play a robot that helps an astronaut solve a mystery close to the rings of Saturn. A multiple player version on the game, “Echo Arena,” lets you share the fun with your friends.

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Complete overhaul: Checking on the NY Jets’ roster revamp

When the New York Jets take to the field on September 11, casual fans may be surprised to see that most of the familiar faces suiting up the Gang Green uniform are gone. If it were not for the names on the back of their jerseys, fans would probably not be able to identify the players.

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After General Manager Mike Maccagnan undertook a massive offseason roster overhaul, fan favorites, such as Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, and Nick Mangold would be playing for different teams this coming season. With defensive back Sheldon Richardson having been traded recently to the Seattle Seahawks, it seems that the Jets’ 53-man roster is technically set.

The defensive side still remains the team’s strength, as the likes of Muhammad Wilkerson, Leonard Williams, Steve McLendon, and Kony Ealy look to continue what has been the team’s trademark for decades now.

What is not clear, though, is where the points would be coming from. Atop the quarterback rotation is 38-year-old Josh McCown, who seems like a placeholder for now as the Jets are still looking for their quarterback of the future. The offensive line is filled with new, inexperienced players who have just one offseason to try to mesh together.

There is one thing that is clear, though: a full rebuild has begun.

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The Modern Cowpoke: Career Options In Modern Cattle Production

When someone mentions cattle farming, the first thing that crosses the layperson’s mind is the image of wide open spaces and cow-herding buckaroos on horseback in an image that wouldn’t be out of place in a Western. And to a degree, some people still cling to that old rusting image of the cowpokes of old, as surprising as it may seem for city folk like me.

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Then as now, cattle farmers face long hours of work and are tasked with supervising the wellbeing of the cattle throughout all stages of their lives. They may oversee such tasks as the impregnation of cows through artificial insemination, inspecting herds for possible illnesses, and marketing and selling the cattle or their milk come market time.

A cattle farmer can expect to work long hours every day, and that includes weekends and holidays. It’s not your typical 9-t0-5 career, though it may have the demands of one. Dairy and beef farmers typically benefit from management experience, especially when managing the massive scales of commercial production.

For the cowboys and cowgirls of the New Old West, however, cattle farming is far from an artifact of the 1800s, something I know all too well. To succeed, they need to be familiar with the ins and outs of mechanized farming. At their disposal are an array of tools that can quickly scale up the production of cattle farms. Dairy farmers, for instance, have large-scale milking machines that cut away hours from milk production.

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Moreover, cattle farming, be it for dairy or beef, is hardly a one-person show, with farmers working closely not only with farmhands but also with veterinarians and other specialists such as livestock nutritionists to ensure the wellbeing of their herds.

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How Virtual Reality Is Changing The Way We Game

VR gaming is a booming industry, with more and more tech companies investing in it. Current major players in this arena are HTC (HTC Vive), Sony (PlayStation VR), Samsung (Gear VR), and the pioneering, independently developed Oculus Rift.


In layman’s terms, virtual reality is a simulation of the real world. Those using this technology can look around, explore, and interact with an imaginary environment. This is made possible via biosensing, attaching sensors on headsets and gloves that the user wears. A VR game, therefore, is as “immersive” as any game can get.

Rapid developments in nanotechnology—as evidenced by current smartphones—has paved the way for modern VR displays. Motion sensing tools like gyroscopes coupled with HD screens and faster processors can be packed into small, portable machines and gadgets.

With better accessibility and relative affordability, the technology is flourishing. In March 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion. In the same year, Sony unveiled the PlayStation VR, and Google introduced the Cardboard, a stereoscopic viewer for smartphones. By early 2016, HTC joined the fray with its Vive headset.


VR Gaming is still a niche market, and game-exclusivity to company platforms is still the norm. But more and more games are increasingly being released in a VR format. Current games to try out are “Dear Esther” (Oculus Rift), “Batman: Arkham VR” (multiplatform), “Farpoint” (PlayStation VR), “Pool Nation VR” (HTC Vive), and “Shooting Showdown 2” (Gear VR).

Coming up soon to VR are popular titles like “Doom,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Skyrim.” The gaming future’s so bright; you got to wear VR shades.

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Trouble In Manhattan: What’s Going On With The New York Knicks?

The New York Knicks team has quite a rich history. It is one of the founding members of the National Basketball Association, and just one of the two founding teams that have remained in its original location. And after more than seven decades, Forbes reported in 2016 that Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the league, worth nearly $3 billion.

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From the 1950s to the 1990s, the Knicks consistently contended for the NBA championship year after year, successfully winning the titles in 1970 and 1973. They fell a few games short plenty of times, most recently in 1999.

However, that season saw the start of the franchise’s downfall. They failed to reach the playoffs 12 times during the last 16 seasons, placing near the bottom of the win-loss standings most of the time.

In 2014, optimism that the team would start competing for the title again was high because Phil Jackson, the winningest coach in league history, was hired as President of Basketball Operations. Unfortunately, Jackson’s unparalleled greatness in coaching has not translated so far to managing a basketball team.

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Almost everyone who watches the Knicks concur that the team is probably at its lowest point in the history of the franchise. Not only are they continuing to lose, but Jackson has alienated his best players, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, and the team experienced various embarrassing moments this season.

While an immediate turnaround is highly unlikely, fans hope that every step the management takes is a step toward improving the team.

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Get The Hang Of Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an extreme sport in which pilots fly propelled only by wind and gravity. You cannot learn hang gliding independently; you must learn it under the direct supervision of a certified instructor. The following will give you an idea how hang gliders ride.

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The first step to learning hang gliding is to fly tandem with a certified instructor. The instructor will teach you the basics and give you a test to qualify you to receive a student hang gliding certificate.

Launching : Your inflation run must be smooth to get a good launch. You must maintain directional control and control of the pendulum. Your transition from running to flying must be smooth.

Gliding : This is actually easier than what it looks like. Your glider has some sort of thermal thruster to get you airborne longer. Just remember, the lower you are in altitude, the higher the bank angle you will need to thermal at, to stay in the thermals, because they are likely to be small. Better to over bank at first than to under bank.

Landing : Set the breaks as you point to your landing zone. As your height drop 1.5 meters, execute the second flare and run like your feet kiss the ground.

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Rules For Starting Your Own Farm

We all want to be prepared when the stuff hits the fan. We want to have something to cling on when it happens. Food is historically recession-proof, but you need to be the one manning the driver’s seat if you want that inherent protection. Here are some guidelines if you want to start growing your own food.

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1. Invest in soil health

Soil health is financial health. You have to understand when farming, you are dealing with a living system and that everything you do will impact that system. Take care of your soil by giving it protection, fertilizers, and natural stimulants like fish, kelp, and humates.

2. Become a price maker

All that hardship producing high-quality fruits and vegetables will be wasted if you leave them unharvested because the market falls in a heap. You need to become a price maker rather than a price taker. Selling your produce is as important as growing it.

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3. Learn to have grace under pressure.

Relax through the hard times. Farmers play a critical role in our society. If you plan to be one of them, you’ll have to live through it, because in this industry, effort doesn’t necessarily equate to reward.

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